HawkEye I


HawkEye I FOS (Forward Observation System) is a system developed to provide forward observers with battlefield surveillance, target acquisition, reports of the enemy and shooting observation for day and night operations.

The system’s multiple interfaces enable to integrate data from a wide range of sensors including Cooled IR TI Night Sight and Day Sight Long Distance LRF, GPS and Digital Compass to provide fast and accurate target acquisition capability. External High Accuracy Goniometer – Automatically calculating target distance, coordinates and position.  State-of-the-art Interface – allows joint combat, fast target acquisition and real-time response.



HH Thermal Imaging Night Sight

Sensor Type: 640 x 512 pixels
Detection Range: Man≧8.3 Km, Vehicle≧15.5 Km
Recognition Range: Man≧2.8 Km, Vehicle≧6 Km

HH Laser Rangefinder

Wavelength: Eye safe 1.57μm
Range: 200~20,000m
Day Sight: Color CCD Camera

Control & Display Module

Embedded Digital Signal Processor


Elevation Angle: ±800mil
Azimuth Angle: 6400mil
Positional Accuracy: 1mil


Stable/Portable with Circular Level Bubble


Video Output: RS170
Digital I/O: RS232

System Features

Digital Magnetic Compass(DMC): 0.3° accuracy
Global Positioning System (GPS)
System Weight: ≦12kg
Battery operating time: 3 hours continuous